At least 12 different "DST sucks and needs to go away" articles have flown by my facebook wall today, and yesterday was, of course, the bi-annual obligatory /. rant on said same.

Never going to happen.

Because the one thing everybody writing these articles and blog posts ignore is the cost of making any new DST changes.

The 2005 transition cost the national GNP more than $5 BILLION dollars, and that was just to keep operational at all. Nobody made new sales because of that, so that is a net loss of productivity - no improvements to products for every dollar spent just dealing with it.

For companies like Microsoft, Sun, Oracle, all of whom bore the brunt of the change because they HAD to provide those changes to their customers for free, along with all of the expense of testing them, the impact on their development was huge. Literally, their stock froze for that entire year because everybody knew they were doing little to improve their products because of this expense just to keep up with this change.

For utilities, the change was on the scale of Y2K, only reduced because they'd already gone through it 10 years earlier to prepare for that.

Now make the industries go through all that again? Not going to happen. Never going to happen. It is too much of a cost that you will never get these companies to go through again, especially ones like Microsoft who are hurting on their bottom line and would never be able to afford it the way they could 10 years ago.

Then throw in the hundreds of thousands of active devices out there that can't be updated at all. Smart phones that are still perfectly functional, but the makers will never update the software because they're no longer supported and they have to spend their resources on new devices and new O/S upgrades (especially when that includes having to fit new design fashions like Google's Material). To ask them to go back and spend millions of dollars bringing all those old O/Ss out of the archives and try to fix this problem and push it all out, FOR FREE (that's the important bit), all the time not being able to work on the new stuff that people will actually pay money for?

Never ever gonna happen.