(and no, this isn't about Nimoy)

...but I'm really finding it difficult to give any...anythings...at all in this node.js vs io.js discussion and fork. Seriously, I just don't care. I realize some of those who are in this fight are much (MUCH) younger than me, but really, I've just been through this too much over the years. From BSD vs SystemV (and the insane hybreds of the early 90s from Sun and SGI), to OSF (and Microsoft having an input into their standards which they actually had no intention to implement), to the SQL standards, to the JCP (and IBM's hijacking of it across the board, making for dozens of utterly unreadable specifications that are now just large collections of paperweights) along with the JDBC driver 'compliance' (that Oracle insisted they had, except where they decided not to - so much for WORA), to the browser wars (that have, in a sense, restarted as each browser has chosen a different subset of HTML5 features to support first).

Really, I'm just done with it.

That node/io takes up about half of the weekly javascript newsletters and rss feeds I see just annoys me even more.

I don't care. I won't care. I never cared. Node worked, well enough, for what I wanted to do with it. Could it be better? Of course. Could a fork, perhaps eventually to be merged back in, help make it better faster? Of course.

Does any of this need to constantly be 'front page news' to Javascript developers?


Go away. Come back when a decision is made, but please stop throwing the speculation and "well, we're discussing it" crap in my news feed every week.

I'm just done with it.