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A 50-something geek (and husband and father), typical of many though I'm not much of a gamer. Professional software developer for 28 years, specializing in library design and user interfaces. Current focus is on html5 technologies. Past experience includes Java/J2EE and PHP/MySQL.

Hobbies include landscape and event photography (no, I'm not for hire - support your local professionals), morris and scottish dance, celtic music, renaissance faires, contemporary classical (anything Debussy and beyond), progressive rock, some (not all) sci-fi/fantasy genre works, and classic and (some) modern PBS kids shows. In a retro mood, I do still listen to classic 80s and acoustic new age guitar.

Been living in Northern, VA (not a real town) for more than 35 years old now. And I like snow. Lots of it.


Professionally, I am working in SproutCore or ReactJS.

Current personal projects are using newer ReactJS, experimenting with hooks and PWA features, using Material-UI.

Prior personal projects generally involve Vanilla JS, JQuery, JQuery Mobile, Stativus, Observe-JS, and I am currently working on a lighter-weight ViewModel layer, as I think that too many libraries out there are too large as they replicate (without polyfills) too much of what modern Vanilla JS standards are able to provide. I‘m also now working more in React.js with Alt and Material-UI.

Education & Work


Oracle Marketing Cloud (Eloqua) Since April 2014

Currently a senior software developer at Oracle in Reston, VA, working on the UI of Eloqua.

Graduate of James Madison University

B.S. in Computer Science May 1993

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