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SubFire Known Issues - 0.5.0 - Article not rated yet
One of the drawbacks of using the HTML5 audio tag is that, like the classic days of the 90s browser wars (I fought in those, too), things are ever so slightly different on each platform. In an ideal w...
HTTPS Article rated 5.0/5.0
Whether or not the client can talk to an HTTPS server that is using a self-signed cert is problematic, and really out of my control. I have no means of testing it at present.Chrome will not do it, unl...
Non-Amazon Android tablet support broken Article not rated yet
Amazon changed something, so if you installed 0.4.0, you still have it, but it won't make available 0.5.2 and beyond.This was an intentional change of support on Amazon's part, which was totally un-pu...

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