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Whether or not the client can talk to an HTTPS server that is using a self-signed cert is problematic, and really out of my control. I have no means of testing it at present.

Chrome will not do it, unless you install the cert into your browser. Firefox (at present) will, but there are hints that the freedom will be removed. I can not speak for Safari or IE.

PhoneGap's documentation says that Android apps should have no issues talking to one, but again it is in the hands of the vendor who may change that, so I really can not say what the Amazon version will do on the Fire mobile and Fire TV devices.

If I were to consider building for IOS (I don't see the demand, and it isn't a personal itch to scratch), it may require a whitelist and that would be something I could not support except if you were to use the domain version of your address at all times.


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